Thursday, July 21, 2016

Do away with the worry of flat tyres!

No one can foresee when one might experience a flat tyre situation while travelling on the road. There are numerous ways in which this can happen—sharp and pointy objects such as nails or screws that get wedged in the tyre, a slow air leak that begins after the pointy object has been dislodged, vandalism,  over pumped tyres, and failure or damage of the valve stem can cause a flat tyre. You might know how to change a flat tyre, but getting it done quickly and when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere is not a pleasant prospect.

Flat tyres have a tendency to occur at times when you least except it; while you are rushing to work or late for a meeting, dressed in your best for an event, or on the way to a much awaited vacation. During such times, the Automobi app comes in handy.

The flat tyre assistance service on the Automobi app helps you get in touch with the nearest mechanic or service station and help will be on its way in no time. Experience and precision are important when changing a flat tyre and our mechanics are equipped to handle this professionally.
So next time you have a flat tyre situation with your vehicle, don’t fret! Just use the Automobi app and seek help.


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